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Port : 44962
Password : fate1
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Welcome to Fate.

A guild equally focused on PvE and PvP, full of friendly, helpful members, and controlled by a leader that truly cares about the guild itself, and its' members. A guild that loves to have fun, joke around, and relax at certain times, but get serious, focused on our objective (whether PvE or PvP) and ultimately, dominate, at other times.The guild is ruled by a Group Council, consisting of ten total, with myself-Refuge, as Head Council. We pay a great deal of attention to our member's thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and make decisions and changes, based upon them. Your opinion matters! We have many, many great expectations for the future of our community. Join Fate, and help yourself, the leaders, the members, and most importantly, the guild as a whole, achieve the goals set before us all... together. 

Head to the Rules page for more information regarding, what's expected of Fate's members, play-style, more detail into how the guild operates, and official guild rules.

 Guildmaster of Fate

Guild News

Ready to Begin Again!

Titanium14101, Jul 31, 12 2:50 AM.
We're finally ready to begin getting the guild back up to its' former glory! Recruiting efforts will be coming into affect soon, and those of you that will eventually read this are probably those recruits! Aturis and I have worked very hard on getting everything ready, to begin recruiting and work our way up from there. Fate has seen rough times, but that's all in the past now and it's time for the future. Fate WILL be back on top, and we will get there through working together, and spending time growing as a community, and a guild as a whole. 

Guildmaster of Fate

Guild Rebuild

Titanium14101, Jun 15, 12 1:44 PM.
‚ÄčMy computer malfunctioned, and I was without a computer for about a week. My replacement finally came in, so I tried logging on to TERA as soon as I could. I look at my guild tab to see who's on, and there's no one on right now. I look at guild history, and realize, the guild has fallen apart. I'm extremely disappointed to see that people I've seen in the guild since the beginning, have left. I may have lost many good members, but that doesn't mean that the guild cannot be rebuilt. I am going to strive to get the guild back up on its feet, and thriving again. It may take time... but will definitely happen. Fate, is far from being finished. So please help me, in any way you can. Depositing money into guild bank, depositing items, helping others level up, running instances together, and most importantly, RECRUIT those worthy of having a spot in Fate.

Your Guildleader- Refuge
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